Quotes from Nestlé’s Martin Kussman in Bellvitge hospital (Seminar)

A view of one of Bellvitge Hospital’s buildings, located in the Bellvitge district of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, one of the main cities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Some insightful quotes from Nestlé’s Institute for Health Sciences‘s Martin Kussman, from his insightful seminar on Omics in molecular phenotyping of human subjects and model systems in Barcelona’s Bellvitge Hospital.

A general introduction into the health sciences sector in the world:

Common sense is not always translated into common practice

Barcelona stands out because its integrative, holistic understanding of the interplay between genes, lifestyle and nutrition.

A critical, but necessary point on microbiome studies:

Nowadays microbes are blamed and praised by nearly everything that we are and do, but you have to see how much causality is in this.

A philosophical note on their study of centenarians:

Centenarians take surprisingly very little medication. They live very healthily “forever” and then they just switch off a light [and die]. That’s what we all want, right?

I was also surprised by the use of a term, metabonomics, which at first sight I must confess I thought a typo for metabolomics. However, Merry Youle explains quite succint and understandably in the blog Small Things Considered:

There is a similar term, metabonomics, that differs more in practice than in definition. It is usually applied only to studies of human nutrition and responses to drugs or disease, and usually compares profiles without identifying individual compounds.

Etymological note: Bellvitge‘s etimology isn’t clear, but it probably comes from Catalan bell viatge, “beautiful trip”, in relationship with the quartier being near the main exit route of the City to the South.



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